Senior care system launched in Putuo community

Yang Jian
Information system can monitor the daily activities of elderly residents and alert community workers to problems faced by elderly residents who live alone or need special care. 
Yang Jian
Senior care system launched in Putuo community
Yang Jian / SHINE

Yang Yong, director of Changshou Road subdistrict's urban grid management center, checks information on the senior care system.

An information system has been recently launched in a downtown community to offer timely support for senior citizens living alone or who are physically challenged and need special care. 

The “special care group information management” system has been integrated into the smart management platform in Putuo’s Changshou Road Subdistrict.

Officials can monitor the daily activities of elderly residents on a screen or on their phones and the system incorporates a number of sensors, such as smoke and gas detectors.

An alert will be sent to nearby community workers nearby if anything abnormal is detected.

The system is part of a citywide campaign to employ technology in the care of senior citizens.

Additional applications are being developed to improve the efficiency of services, said Yang Yong, director of the subdistrict’s urban grid management center.

In August, a fire alert was triggered in an apartment on Jiangning Road. Neighborhood committee officials rushed round and police broke in to find that it had been triggered by mosquito-repellent incense. The elderly resident had gone out and phone calls went unanswered. 

Yang said the incident affirmed their decision to develop the smart system to offer more effective and accurate services for residents.

The system marks the location of elderly people living alone or who have physical or mental challenges on a large screen at the center along with information collected by sensors installed in their apartments.

Meal delivery services and visits by community workers can be displayed. A notice will be issued if community workers fail to visit any senior resident for three days.

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