Fine way to solve downtown parking problems

Chen Huizhi
Two of the city's busy streets now allow people to park for only one hour during the day.
Chen Huizhi
Fine way to solve downtown parking problems
Chen Huizhi / SHINE

The area along Xiangyang Road N. between Huaihai Road M. and Xinle Road is marked with the new one-hour parking sign on the ground.

Parking on two downtown streets has been restricted to one hour with a fine of 200 yuan (US$30) for overstaying.

One area is Xiangyang Road N. between Huaihai Road M. and Xinle Road, and the other is Liyuan Road between Mengzi Road and Luban Road.

Shanghai traffic police said the experimental measure will release more parking slots to the public in downtown, where space has long been a headache for motorists.

One-hour parking areas will be designated near shopping hubs and business buildings, with drivers encouraged to park their cars in commercial garages.

At the Xiangyang Road N. parking spot, which has 30 slots, previously motorists paid 15 yuan for the first hour of parking and 10 yuan for every 30 minutes afterward. But now, they’re allowed to park there for only one hour between 8:30am and 7pm with a charge of 15 yuan. If they violate the one-hour rule, they will be fined for illegal parking.

Six police cameras have been installed along the street to watch out for illegal parking.

Once a motorist parks, a parking assistant will give him or her a note that has a reminder that they will be fined for parking longer than one hour.

Cars can be parked overnight for 10 yuan.

The garage of the popular iapm mall next to the area charges 20 yuan per hour for parking.

At the parking area on Liyuan Road, the one-hour parking period lasts from 8am to 5pm.

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