City earmarks 638 million yuan for the needy

Hu Min Cai Wenjun
Around 1.027 million people in Shanghai, including disabled people, families living on subsistence allowances and those accommodated at city shelters, will benefit.
Hu Min Cai Wenjun

About 638 million yuan (US$97.68 million) in subsidies will be earmarked for needy people in Shanghai to help enjoy a happy New Year and Spring Festival, the city government announced on Thursday.

The money will benefit 1.027 million people in the city, including disabled people who are unemployed, those facing financial stress because of illness, families living on subsistence allowances, and those accommodated at city shelters, according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

Needy students, women, and elderly and disabled people will get assistance from bodies including the Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Disabled Persons' Federation, the Red Cross Society of China’s Shanghai branch and the Shanghai Charity Foundation. 

Red Cross Society of China Shanghai branch launched a ceremony on Thursday to help needy families and residents.

Being conducted for 22 consecutive years, a total of 277 million yuan have been used to help over 460,00 families. This year, some 20,000 families will receive over 10 million for a happy New Year, red cross officials said.

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