Safety checks as gales forecast for city

Hu Min
Outdoor advertisements and signboards are particularly targeted in campaign by city authorities to eliminate safety hazards ahead of upcoming gales and freezing weather.
Hu Min
Safety checks as gales forecast for city
Ti Gong

Workers protect trees for the freezing weather ahead. 

Shanghai's greenery and public sanitation authorities have ordered intensified checks on outdoor advertisements and sign boards as precautions against upcoming gales and chilly weather, officials said on Monday.

Outdoor advertisement and sign boards in crowded areas, which are high above street level, old or lack daily maintenance, are particularly targeted by patrols, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said.

Businesses have been ordered to check their outdoor ads or shop signs to eliminate safety hazards, the bureau said.

Emergency teams to handle the freezing weather and clear snow from the streets have been established, the bureau said.

Measures to protect trees and plants have been taken and warning signs on icy areas inside parks will be in place.

Greenery authorities have also called on residents and tourists to stay indoors and take care if they visit parks. 

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