Service platform in operation to help the elderly

Qian Tong
A service platform for senior residents in need is in operation in Jiading District.
Qian Tong

A service platform for senior residents in need is in operation in Jiading District.

The platform provides a basket of services that include emergency calls, active care, outpatient registration and home appliance repairs appointments.

“With the system, I can be connected with the services platform by simply clicking a button on the telephone, and the person on the other side will solve my problems,” said a woman surnamed Feng living at the Sanhuangqiao Community in Jiading Town.

Jiading District Civil Affairs Bureau joined with Ucan Information Technology Co Ltd to provide the system across the district.

It is consisted of three parts — a data display system, a homepage on the Internet and a back-end management system.

There are three packages to select.

Package A is for people aged 60 or over who are permanent residents. They can dial 6998-6699 for services.

Package B is mainly for people aged 60-79 who live alone. They need to install a “push-to-talk” fixed-line telephone.

Package C is for people at 80 or over without children and living alone. They also need to install the “push to talk” system telephone.

“If people need information or a service, they can call the hotline for help at any time,” said Xu Wanzhen, director of the civil affairs bureau’s senior service section.

Basic details of the people using the platform, including their address and emergency contact, have been collected, so even without anyone speaking, security can be contacted or an ambulance summoned.

A 93-year-old resident surnamed Feng was one of the first to use the service.

“One night when I was sleeping, I began to choke. My caregiver quickly called the platform. They immediately called an ambulance and my children. Fortunately for me, because without them I really wouldn’t have been able to overcome the difficulty,” Feng said.

Over a third of residents are 60 or older in Jiading. That number is growing, placing higher demands on services. 

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