Many fewer fake taxis discovered in city

Chen Huizhi
Only 15 fake cabs were discovered by law enforcement officers in Shanghai this year compared with 712 just three years ago as crackdowns produce results.
Chen Huizhi
Many fewer fake taxis discovered in city
Ti Gong

Fake taxis seized by the authorities were destroyed on Wednesday.

A total of 103 fake taxis seized during law enforcement were destroyed at a waste recycling company on Wednesday.

Due to intense crackdown in recent years, the number of fake taxis discovered in Shanghai has been dramatically reduced, according to officials with the city’s transport commission.

This year, only 15 fake taxis were discovered, while there were 118 last year. The numbers in 2018 and 2017 were 342 and 712.

Fake taxis are usually retired taxis that are illegally remodelled to look like legal taxis.

Drivers of such taxis, who are not supervised by the authorities because they’re not registered, often issue fake invoices, steal pre-paid transport cards from passengers and commit other crimes against the passengers.

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