Design contest for Jiading New Town expansion

Chen Huizhi
The district government outlines its plans for the future while seeking attractive and vibrant designs with the launch of an international design competition
Chen Huizhi
Design contest for Jiading New Town expansion
Ti Gong

The district government outlines of its vision for Jiading New Town.

Jiading’s New Town will be expanded with an across-the-board redesign of its business and residential functions, the district government said on Wednesday.

It launched an international design competition to find the best designs to make Jiading New Town more attractive and vibrant.

Located in the center of northwestern Shanghai district, Jiading New Town, to be expanded to 160 square kilometers from the current 122, will cover a third of the entire district.

The government is seeking designs for five distinct sections after an initial consultation with city planning experts.

The five sections are the Yuanxiang Lake area at the center of the town, the area around the Jiading New Town East station on Jiamin railway, tech towns in the north, Jiading Old Town area and the area along the 23.8-kilometer Hengli River which runs through the district.

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