Campaign in Fangsong Community helping dog owners do better

Yang Yang
A campaign to improve the care of dogs has been launched in Songjiang District's Fangsong Community.
Yang Yang

A campaign to improve the care of dogs has been launched in Songjiang District’s Fangsong Community. Measures include a letter of commitment from dog owners in the neighborhood and the setting up of earthworm towers outdoor to process dog feces.

“There are various examples of uncivilized dog keeping behavior, including abandoning pet dogs, walking dogs without a leash, leaving dog feces on the road and allowing dogs to bark at night, and they won’t be stopped during one clampdown,” said Xia Wenjie, deputy chief of Fangsong Community Security Office. “We need a long-term promotion to combat them and to raise people’s awareness of civilized dog keeping.”

Since the beginning of this year, Fangsong Community has been working to deal with stray dogs.

“Our community covers a vast area. So the work can’t be fulfilled by relying on policemen alone. In addition, dogs are a kind of very smart animal. When they feel alert toward the policemen, they will smell their smell from far away and escape. So we decide to call on the residents to join in and distribute tools for them to capture the stray dogs,” said Xia.

So far the community has managed to round up about 300 stray dogs. In addition, it has also set up a canine management module in its population database, recording a family’s dog keeping condition together with its household condition, family members’ health status and employment condition.

Recently, the community has also distributed dog-walking kits, including a muzzle, a leash and a bag for feces, to some of its dog owners.

A public welfare video clip on civilized dog keeping has been filmed and released by the community to remind people of behaving well while raising their dogs.

Some of the community’s residential areas have set up pet clubs and pet feces collection centers, and there are free pet medical consultations. While offering favors for the pet owners, the community is also helping raise their awareness of civilized pet keeping.

In the Yingjun Bieyuan Residential Area in Fangsong Community, a number of earthworm towers have been set up to encourage dog owners to throw dog feces into the towers while walking their dogs. Earthworms inside the towers will process the feces into organic fertilizer.

“Quite a few dog owners have formed the habit of throwing dog feces into the towers,” said Chen Deming, Party secretary of the residential area. “The earthworm towers project has been carried out for more than a year and its effect has been quite good. Some towers are quite popular and the feces accumulates quickly, and requires staff members in the residential area to unload them periodically. This shows the residents’ awareness of civilized dog keeping has risen.”

In June 2019, dog owners from 70 households in the Deyi Residential Area in the community offered to sign a letter of commitment on civilized dog keeping.

“Each of the dog raising households in our neighborhood has signed the commitment. So if some of them behave wrongly in the future, policemen in charge of the neighborhood will lecture them or even charge a fine,” said Zhang Xianming, Party secretary of Deyi Residential Area.

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