Line 15 passes pre-operation safety tests

Chen Huizhi
Driverless, user-friendly and a work of art, Metro Line 15 will offer a special experience to passengers when it opens ahead of this year's Spring Festival.
Chen Huizhi
Shot by Chen Huizhi. Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

Metro Line 15 has passed the pre-operational safety assessment and is set to open before the Spring Festival, Shanghai Metro said on Monday.

Linking Zizhu Hi-Tech Park in the south and Gucun Park in the north, the new line has 30 stations in Minhang, Xuhui, Changning, Putuo and Baoshan districts with eight interchange stations for nine other Metro lines.

Stretching 42 kilometers, the new line is the city’s fourth driverless Metro line and the first with the highest-level driverless system introduced at the beginning of the operation. It’s also the longest Metro line to open at once in China.

The line connects 10 campuses of nine universities, four parks and three state-level technology and innovation parks, with stops at two of the city’s railway stations.

All stations but Guilin Road will be open at first, with Guilin Road expected to open by the end of June.

At Loushanguan Road, an interchange station with Line 2 and Line 15 in the future, passengers will have to interchange to Line 2 by leaving the station at present. The walk between the two stations takes about 10 minutes.

In the carriages of Line 15 trains, passengers can charge their electronic devices. The trains also have green lights above their doors which light up when the doors are open.

Like all other new Metro stations, there are more toilets for women in proportion to the facilities for men.

Line 15 construction began in August 2016 with the actual time spent on the construction 41 months, making it the most efficient Metro project yet in Shanghai, according to the Metro company.

Metro art

The Metro Line 15, colored gold on the map, is one of the beautiful with wonderful color schemes and interior design.

The predominant colors of the stations along the line — rock brown, mud orange, beach gold and sea blue — are to remind people of the ancient seashore of the city whose contours happened to be parallel to the line, according to the company.

Thematic interior designs are found at Gucun Park, Changfeng Park and Guilin Park to reflect the different seasons and the landscapes the parks are best known for — cherry blossom, waves and Osmanthus blossom, while Zizhu Hi-Tech Park Station represents evergreen winter.

The designs of the stations at Wuzhong Road and Shanghai South Railway Station stand out as their entrance halls are the first in Shanghai to be entirely columnless.

Instead of flat ceilings, the two stations have fantastic arched domes. At Wuzhong Road, the entrance hall has LED wall art of Shanghai’s iconic skyline on both sides of the Huangpu River. While normally the lights will be warm white, during festivals and celebrations they will be changing colors, turning the whole space into a piece of art.

Line 15 passes pre-operation safety tests

The map of Metro Line 15.

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