City medical center to trial new medicines

Cai Wenjun
Agreements signed on Monday also aimed at building Shanghai International Medical Center into a platform to offer high-end health services for expats and Chinese. 
Cai Wenjun

Shanghai International Medical Center reached agreement with 10 health care and pharmaceutical companies and facilities at home and abroad on Monday to boost clinical trials of new medicines and medical equipment as well as meeting people’s different demands for health care and medical treatment.

The center is based in the Shanghai International Medical Zone, a high-tech zone focusing on the health service industry and biomedicine, targeting expats and Chinese in Shanghai and other cities in the Yangtze River Delta Region demanding high standards of health services.

The agreements signed on Monday are to build the center into a platform for trials of new medicines and equipment as well as a cooperation platform for medical facilities home and abroad to offer high-end services. Overseas hospitals and clinics can offer long-distance diagnosis, medical consultation and international patient transfers through the platform, officials said.

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