Deputies discuss better public health system

Chen Huizhi
Supporting Internet clinics to play a bigger role in overall medical services as they proved effective during the COVID-19 pandemic among suggestions at public health meeting.
Chen Huizhi

Besides fever clinics, the city should construct “sentinel surveillance” clinics that cover other infectious diseases such as those of the digestive tract, according to Qian Juying, a vice president of Zhongshan Hospital.

Qian, a deputy to the Shanghai People's Congress, made the comment during a discussion on improving the city's public health system on Monday.

Also, to ensure effective monitoring of infectious diseases, medical institutions in suburban districts shouldn’t become a weak link, she said.

Zhou Jian, another vice president at the hospital and also president of the Central Hospital of Xuhui District, said Internet clinics should be supported to play a bigger role in overall medical services as they proved to be effective during the COVID-19 pandemic, but several problems should be addressed.

“Doctors who provide services online spend two to three times more time with a patient than in real clinics, but the fees charged don’t reflect their extra work,” he said. “Also, instructions in using online medical services and multiple payment methods should be introduced to senior residents.”

Cui Ming, director of the community health services center of Yinhang Subdistrict in Yangpu District, suggested every residents’ committee should have an official in charge of monitoring public health.

“The public health system should work like a fine sieve which is able to filter the minutest clue of problems, and it should be extended to the smallest unit of society such as a residential community and a company,” he said.

Wu Xiuren, a diving coach from a teenager sports school in Huangpu District, said community doctors should be trained to prescribe sports activities to patients, and community sports instructors and rehabilitation therapists should be able to give professional advice to patients with chronic diseases.

“Introducing physical fitness monitoring and health instruction to chronic disease control will play a positive role in dealing with sub-health and cardiovascular disease,” she said.

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