Soothing music hits right notes at hospital

Tong Wangyue
A "healing concert" at Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital lifted patients' moods with inspiring readings and soothing music during the New Year's holiday.
Tong Wangyue

A “healing concert” at Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital lifted patients’ moods with inspiring readings and soothing music during the New Year’s holiday.

The concert was presented by the Meiwen and Meiyue Public Welfare Club, whose volunteers accompanied the patients and their families through a beautiful morning with recitations and musical performances.

Wang Xiao played “Spring,” an original piano piece composed for his newborn child.

“Spring represents warmth, growth and the beginning of everything. I wish everyone a speedy recovery and embracing the spring that belongs to you,” Wang said.

“I saw many patients spending time in fear, loneliness and even despair late at night,” said club organiser Huang Yinhong, who was in hospital a few months ago.

After leaving hospital, Huang gathered volunteers from the Anting Youth Art League to bring comfort to patients. More than a dozen people signed up on the day.

To ease the depression of patients with major illnesses, volunteers decided to play soothing and beautiful music that would help them out of depression.

“No matter if anyone appreciates me or not, and no matter how others think of me, I want to bloom!” When Yang Ling finished reading this sentence, there was a round of applause.

“I found several patients’ expressions became very relaxed, as if I really brought them warmth,” Yang said.

Zhou, a patient due for surgery the next day, said: “Today’s activity gave me positive encouragement, and my mood was instantly relaxed.”

Similar activities will take place once a week in future with volunteers taking turns to visit each ward to bring comfort to patients.

The Anting Culture and Sports Center has also sent more than 2,000 inspirational books to the hospital for staff and patients.

“The treatment of serious diseases not only relies on advanced treatment methods, but the mental state of patients is also very important. I give thanks to these volunteers for their sincere accompaniment which brings warmth and strength to patients and their families,” said Zhou Jun, the hospital’s vice president.

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