Family of dead worker reach a compromise

Tian Shengjie
When Li died on his first day working for a local company his family sought 1.4 million yuan in compensation but the company was failing and unable to even pay rent. 
Tian Shengjie

The family of a worker who died at work in a local protective appliances company for health reasons have reached a compromise with the company after seeking 1.4 million yuan (US$216,800) in compensation.

The company in Zhujing in Jinshan District had said it would only pay part of the money as a humanitarian gesture because the employee was on probation.

In October, the Henan Province native surnamed Li passed out on his first day in the small hours. A colleague called an ambulance but the medical workers who attended couldn’t revive him. 

Li’s family and the company failed to reach an agreement about compensation and the town-level mediation committee was asked to help.

The mediator said labor relations between employee and employer had been established on the first day and the incident should be classed as a work injury. Although the company was not at fault, it should offer compensation. 

Because the company was failing and could not afford to pay its rent, a compromise was reached — the company agreed to pay 50,000 yuan for Li’s family and the family would help the company with a work injury application.

If the application is successful, the family can have more money, over 900,000 yuan, from the social security department, Zhu Wen, the deputy director of the Zhujing judicial administrative station, said.

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