Urban expressway project nears completion

Li Qian
Construction of the Jiyang Road project's elevated roads is complete and work on ground-level carriageways is set to be finished by the end of November, 
Li Qian
Urban expressway project nears completion
Gu Zhifeng / Ti Gong

The Jiyang Road project.

A major urban expressway project to relieve congestion and improve the traffic network in Pudong’s southern riverside area is set to complete this year, officials said on Thursday.

The Jiyang Road project stretches 7.1 kilometers from Lupu Bridge in the north to the boundary of Minhang District in the south.

At present, the construction of elevated roads has been completed, allowing rapid transit with Inner, Middle and Outer Ring roads.

Construction of ground-level carriageways is set to be finished by the end of November, with some sections to be opened to the public as early as June, according to the Pudong Construction and Transportation Commission.

Urban expressway project nears completion
Ti Gong

The east-west passage is part of the city’s largest and most challenging comprehensive traffic project.

Construction of another major project, the east-west passage, is also well underway.

The 7.8-kilometer rapid transit system, acting as extension of Yan’an Elevated Road, comprises Pudong’s major thoroughfare Pudong Avenue and passageways underneath it. It is part of the city’s largest and most challenging comprehensive traffic project which also includes Metro lines and cross-river tunnels.

The east-west passage starts from Yan’an Road E. Tunnel’s exit in Pudong in the west and ends at Jinqiao Road in Pudong in the east.

Construction of Pudong Avenue has been partly completed. At present, it opens as a two-way four-lane carriageway, and around the middle of December all six lanes are set to open.

Main structures of underground passageways, which stretch 6.1 kilometers from the tunnel’s exit to Longju Road, are complete. Construction of ramps and a major exit on Longju Road are in place and set to finish in September.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan, Pudong is to accelerate construction on the expansion of Pudong airport, the airport express line, the district’s first railway station and other major projects.

By 2025, it aims to build a convenient traffic network that allows a 10-minute drive to the urban expressway, a 20-minute drive to the district’s sub-centers and a 30-minute drive to cross-river tunnels from the district's major communities, according to the commission.

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