City to create more parks and greenway this year

Hu Min
Greenery authorities say that 120 new parks will be created by the end of the year along with an additional 200 kilometers of greenway for residents to enjoy. 
Hu Min

Shanghai will have 120 new parks and an additional 200 kilometers of greenway by the end of this year, the city's greenery authorities said on Thursday.

The city's forest space will expand by 50,000 mu (33.3 million square meters) and its greenery land space, including parks, will grow by 1,000 hectares (10 million square meters) this year, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

There will be 400,000 square meters more vertical greenery as well.

Shanghai has 406 city parks and seven countryside parks at present, and had a combined 120 million visits last year.

Some 1,093 kilometers of greenway have been constructed in the city.

Forest coverage hit 18.49 percent last year with 90,000 mu of forest land created, together with 1,202 hectares of greenery spaces and 431,000 square meters of vertical greenery.

Shanghai has formed 10 green boulevard clusters such as Xujiahui and Ruijin No. 2 Road. 

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