City hospitals making more use of new media

Cai Wenjun
Survey finds an increasing trend to online education by the city's hospitals as they become more active in spreading health knowledge and raising awareness.
Cai Wenjun

Local hospitals are becoming more involved in online education using tools such as WeChat and Douyin (China’s TikTok) compared with traditional methods, according to the Shanghai Health Promotion Center.

Shanghai’s health authority requires hospitals to become more active in health education and promotion, with medical staff taking on the role of educators.

The annual survey covering 148 public hospitals since 2016 found an increase in their outpatient departments promoting health knowledge and awareness.

The three doing the best in this regard were Zhongshan, Longhua and Ruijin.

New media has become the major tool for medical facilities to promote education, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. By simply scanning a QR code, patients and their families can access online lectures and consultations.

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