Mobile vaccination facility opens in Jiading

Chen Huizhi
The "intelligent vaccination shelter" that takes about 10 hours to assemble will mean that people in Shanghai will be able to get vaccinated for COVID-19 where they work or study.
Chen Huizhi

A mobile facility for COVID-19 vaccinations was put into operation in Jiading District on Monday.

The "intelligent vaccination shelter" takes about 10 hours to assemble and provides vaccinations for up to 1,000 people a day, according to the company that developed it.

It enables people to get vaccinated where they work or study.

About 300 teachers and other staff at Shanghai Art & Design Academy had their vaccinations in the 27-square-meter facility on Monday.

The shelter has a refrigerator that can store over 1,000 doses, with smaller refrigerators in the vaccination area.

Vaccines supplied to the shelter are immediately stored in the large refrigerator after details are entered in a computer system, the company said. 

The facility will be at the school for five days before moving to other schools, companies and industrial parks where over 2,000 people need vaccinated, according to the district’s center of disease control.

In Minhang District, a bus in an industrial park has been a COVID-19 vaccination site since March 24.

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