Sticker aims to reassure Xuhui consumers

Hu Min
Officials develop app to record details of staff in the district who have been vaccinated with stickers given to outlets where all workers have been given the COVID-19 injection. 
Hu Min
Sticker aims to reassure Xuhui consumers
Hu Min / SHINE

An employee at a cafe in Xuhui District pastes a sticker reading: "Our staff have all received the COVID-19 vaccination."

Sticker aims to reassure Xuhui consumers
Ti Gong

The sticker issued by the Xuhui District Administration for Market Regulation.

As the COVID-19 vaccination program rolls out across the city, market regulators in Xuhui District are taking an intelligent approach to the vaccination registration of staff at streetside businesses and commercial complexes, according to officials on Monday.

A mini app has been developed by Xuhui District Administration for Market Regulation officials which records information such as the reservation and vaccination process of businesses' employees in the district.

It also serves as a bridge for officials to update businesses on the latest vaccination information, answer inquiries and ease their concerns about vaccination.

"It enables officials to accurately grasp the vaccination process of businesses in real time," said Fu Rongjun, deputy director of the administration.

Shops in the district will receive a sticker reading: "Our staff have all received the COVID-19 vaccination" if all their workers have been vaccinated and they can display it in a prominent position. 

"It represents a safety promise for consumers," said Fu.

Chen Bowen, director of the Longteng Avenue outlet of Qiao Coffee, pasted the sticker on the window of the cafe on Monday afternoon.

All eight staff at the cafe have taken the COVID-19 vaccination.

"I don't need to ask my staff one by one about their vaccination because the information is on the app," said Chen.

"The sticker is a safety guarantee for our consumers, which will make them feel relieved," he added.

The district has more than 8,000 streetside businesses on 235 streets.

As of Sunday, all had been informed of the vaccination program, and 63.57 percent of their staff had registered with 5,613 people already inoculated.

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