Pudong exhibition appeals to young people

Li Qian
Exhibition illustrating the seismic changes in the Pudong New Area since 1990 now features interactive experiences that include flying a plane and tours guided by robots. 
Li Qian

An exhibition chronicling Pudong’s 30-year development has been adapted to cater to young people.

The exhibition, at the Pudong Exhibition Hall, illustrates the seismic changes that have taken place in the Pudong New Area since 1990. It features texts, photos, videos and installations.

More interactive experiences have been introduced recently, allowing visitors to tour around under the guidance of robots and use a simulator to “fly” a C919, the domestically made large passenger plane.

In the future, models of Pudong-made Tesla, SAIC and GM vehicles will race on simulated circuits in the 800-square-meter exhibition hall. People can also “design” a future Pudong by using 3D pens.

The district’s news release room in the hall will function as classroom to promote “red” history and stories to local primary and middle school students during holidays and festivals.

Li Junru, former headmaster of the Party School of the Party’s Central Committee, gave a first class to 60 students and 15 teachers on Sunday.

He said he had gone blind in childhood from severe malnutrition. After hearing his story, local Party officials sent him cod liver oil,and he gradually recovered. 

“That’s when I made up my mind to believe in the Party,” he said.

Besides classes, students can also read and exchange books.

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