Local expats vaccinated against COVID-19

Wu Ruofan
Shanghai's foreign residents received their vaccination at the Zhuanqiao Neighborhood Health Center on Wednesday after making appointments via WeChat.
Wu Ruofan
Local expats vaccinated against COVID-19
Wu Ruofan / SHINE

Expats line up to register before their first COVID-19 injection at the Zhuanqiao Neighborhood Health Center on Wednesday.

Over 150 expats in the city received their COVID-19 vaccination at a clinic in Minhang District on Wednesday.

Foreigners in the city have been able to make appointments for vaccinations from this week.

At the Zhuanqiao Neighborhood Health Center, the expats arrived to register their information and pay for the injection. They had previously reserved their inoculation slots through WeChat app “Health Cloud” (Jian Kang Yun).

Bilingual signs and registration procedures helped with communication, said the center’s Wang Jiaoming.

“We also have translators from the city’s foreign affairs office as well as volunteers to help out with the on-site process,” said Wang.

The price of each shot is 100 yuan (US$14), while fees could be waived for those with local social health insurance, Wang said. 

Local expats vaccinated against COVID-19
Zhou Shengjie / SHINE

Expats wait inside the vaccination area at Zhuanqiao Neighborhood Health Center.

Sara Markmann, a 19-year-old student from Denmark, said she had the vaccination together with her mother as she plans to study in the US later this year.

“I took the vaccination because I want to be safe,” she said .

Living 45 minutes from the center, Markmann said the clinic was her second choice as she failed to select a closer one on Monday. But she said the online procedure was organized.

“There are different stations and it’s pretty clear what we have to do,” she said. “It was easy to use.”

Tony Gueli, an American working in the city, made an appointment and completed registration with the help of his assistant.

“I feel lucky to get the vaccine this early because I heard it’s difficult to make appointments,” Gueli said.

“I’m planning to go back to the States, but I don’t want to go without the vaccine because I need to be able to come back,” he said.

Jacqueline Hewitt from the UK said she felt fine after the inoculation.

“It’s important because only if more people get it, can we get back to normal and resume traveling,” she said.

The expats need to make appointments and receive their second injection after at least 21 days.

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