New rules for e-bikers take effect on May 1

Chen Huizhi
Safety helmets will be a requirement for e-bike riders in Shanghai and their passengers from the beginning of next month or they will face warnings or fines. 
Chen Huizhi
New rules for e-bikers take effect on May 1
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

More e-bikers in the city have started to wear helmets with new e-bike regulations due to take effect from May 1.

New regulations for non-motor vehicles will take effect from May 1.

All e-bikers will be required to wear a safety helmet, or face warnings or fines of up to 50 yuan (US$7.7) .

Passengers on e-bikes are also required to wear a helmet.

The new law also prohibits users of non-motor vehicles — including bikes and e-bikes — from holding phones and other digital devices or pulling animals while riding.

In line with national traffic laws, riders are required to slow down when passing zebra crossings and stop when people are on a crosswalk.

They're also required to slow down and use hand signals when making a turn, and to turn on a turning indicator if it's available.

E-bike riders must also turn on their lights at night and during bad weather and refrain from sounding their horns for long periods of time.

People under 16 years old are still banned from riding e-bikes.

Anyone breaking those rules also faces a warning or a fine of up to 50 yuan.

The new law prohibits e-bike users from unsafe charging of their vehicles.

E-bikes should not be parked or charged in a public space within a building, including the hall on the first floor, aisles and the stairwell as well as in and around emergency passages, safety exits and passages for fire engines.

Parking or property management firms and residents' self-governance bodies are required to correct e-bike users who violate the rules, and those who refuse to take advice shall be reported to law enforcers.

Parking and charging of e-bikes in indoor places "with a high density of people" is prohibited. Management of such places shall be fined up to 50,000 yuan for any violation of the rule.

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