Local government cutting 72 certificates

Tian Shengjie
In an effort to improve services and efficiency, the certificates will not need to be issued by the authorities from June next year, the local judicial bureau said on Thursday.
Tian Shengjie

To improve local government services and efficiency, some 72 certificates will not need to be issued by the authorities from June next year, the Shanghai Judicial Bureau said on Thursday.

Instead of visiting different departments for the certifications, people only need to sign a related letter of commitment.

The certificates include the medical certificate of medical workers from Hong Kong and Macau within three months, certificate of no criminal record and death certificate. It relates to 19 systems, such as market supervision, business and civil affairs, and 50 kinds of government services.

The first batch of 44 items will be implemented before June this year.

Staff members will check the letters of commitment signed by applicants through the big data of the management system. If it is verified as a fake commitment, the application will be revoked and the person punished according to law. It will also have a negative influence on their credit record, said Liu Yanhao, deputy director of the bureau.

Some items, like medical certification of HIV-infected children for the basic living allowances, have been launched in some districts as pilot projects. This year, they will be implemented across the city, said Jiang Rui, deputy director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

“To help those in need, related staff members will guide them to apply for the social allowance from door to door,” Jiang said.

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