Weather bureau issues blue alert for gales

Tian Shengjie
Some areas of the city will experience showers or thunderstorms from Friday afternoon with the arrival of weak cold air but the weather over the five-day holiday will be warm.
Tian Shengjie

A blue gale alert was issued by the city’s weather bureau at 5:05pm on Thursday.

Blue is the lowest in the four-color system and indicates that the maximum wind force will be 74 kilometers per hour in coastal areas ahead of midnight on Thursday, capable of breaking tree branches, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said.

The maximum temperature is expected to be around 30 degrees Celsius on Friday, the hottest day this month.

With weak cold air arriving in the city, showers or thunderstorms will be experienced in some areas from Friday afternoon. Short bursts of rain could reach 30 millimeters per hour, and a maximum wind force of 102 kilometers per hour will be strong enough to damage buildings.

The weather over the five-day Labor Day holiday from Saturday will be warm and the air quality good.

The highest temperature will be around 24 degrees, while the low will fluctuate between 16 and 20 degrees.

Moderate or heavy rain will fall from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon.

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