Illegal driver-training courses shut down

Chen Huizhi
Two driver-training courses in a Minhang District village fell short of legal standards, and responsible parties will be held accountable.
Chen Huizhi
Illegal driver-training courses shut down
Ti Gong

A traffic law enforcement officer raiding a course on Thursday

Two illegal driver-training courses in Shanghai's Minhang District were shut down Thursday, traffic law enforcement officials announced today.

Eight driving schools were using the courses, which were situated on empty ground in Lianmin Village roughly the size of a standard soccer field, according to law enforcement.

While a legal driver-training course separates motor vehicle lanes and the training area to keep students safe, students were trained here among parked cars at the two illegal courses.

Also, when law enforcement raided the courses, some students were training alone without the required presence of their coaches next to them.

Drones were used to collect evidence prior to the raid.

More than 30 driving coaches who trained new drivers at the illegal courses will be fined 200 to 1,000 yuan (US$30-155) for the offense, and the driving schools they work for will see their credit suffer. The owner or operator of the courses will face fines of 20,000 to 50,000 yuan

The investigation is ongoing.

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