Taxi driver disciplined for refusing to use meter

Chen Huizhi
A Qiansheng Taxi driver who refused to use his meter when driving two women from Hongqiao Railway Station to a hotel is fined 500 yuan (US$77) and suspended for 15 days. 
Chen Huizhi

A Qiangsheng Taxi driver was disciplined by the traffic law enforcers on Sunday for not using his meter.

An investigation was launched after passengers filed a complaint online about the driver, a man surnamed Gong.

Two women took Gong’s taxi from a taxi stand south of Hongqiao Railway Station at 1:50am on Saturday. Their destination was a hotel about 6 kilometers away.

After they got in the taxi, Gong charged them 30 yuan (US$4.6), refusing to use his meter, but they objected.

Gong then threatened to drive them back to the taxi stand, but, after they protested, pulled his car to the roadside and asked them to get out. They refused and demanded he continue the journey. 

Gong drove on, but still didn’t turn on the meter. Asked why not, Gong said he was driving home. The women then called the police.

Gong eventually turned on the meter, and it showed 26 yuan at the hotel. However, he refused to give the passengers a receipt.

For not using the meter and failure to give a receipt, Gong was fined 500 yuan and suspended for 15 days.

He was also reprimanded for his bad attitude toward the passengers.

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