City cracks down on illegal organizations

Hu Min
Civil affairs authorities close three illegal social organizations in the taxi and real estate fields which they say were not registered and conducting activities without approval.
Hu Min

Shanghai's civil affairs authorities closed three illegal social organizations and 22 of their branches on Wednesday. 

The three illegal organizations in the taxi and real estate fields were not registered and conducted activities without approval, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau said. 

Their acts disrupted the management order of social organizations and their healthy development, the bureau added. 

A crackdown which began in April targets illegal "social organizations" not registered by civil affairs authorities, or operating after licenses were revoked.

Social organizations referred to social groups, social service agencies and foundations.

Illegal organizations taking advantage of national strategies such as rural revitalization and the Belt and Road initiative to conduct activities in economic, cultural and philanthropic areas are particularly targeted.

The crackdown also targets illegal social organizations pretending to be government authorities and involved in various scams.

Whistleblowers can dial 021-63215555 or email to tip off authorities.

The bureau said its law enforcement teams are investigating 33 cases involving illegal social organizations. 

In serious cases, violators will face criminal charges, the bureau said. 

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