New technology boost for expectant parents

Cai Wenjun
Renji Hospital's MyBaby project uses blockchain technology to help couples undergoing in vitro fertilization to see how their baby is developing outside the body.
Cai Wenjun

Renji Hospital is using blockchain technology to help couples undergoing in vitro fertilization visualize the process of embryo development outside the body.

The MyBaby intelligent medical project was launched at Renji's rehabilitation medical center on Wednesday.

It is the first hospital in China to use blockchain technology for this purpose.

A blockchain is a decentralized and digital ledger consisting of records called blocks that is used to record transactions and services.

Based on the  technology, the MyBaby program allows couples to see how their "babies" are cultivated outside the body using their own identity number.

"The IVF process is no longer a 'blind box' to couples, who do real-time checks on the growth and development of embryos and witness each step of their babies' life," said Dr Sun Yun, director of the hospital's rehabilitation medicine department. "This measure can enhance trust and cooperation between patients and medical staff. While allowing the sharing of data, each patient's privacy is well protected through encryption technology."

Provided by Renji Hospital.

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