Shanghai through the eyes of Hungarian expat

Back Istvan, CEO of Back & Rosta and an admirer of the Communist Party of China, is featured in the 62nd episode of the "Shanghai Through Our Eyes" series.

The 62nd episode of "Shanghai Through Our Eyes" features Hungarian expat Back Istvan, CEO of Back & Rosta.

Istvan, whose Chinese name is Bei Siwen, has been in China for 16 years.

"My good friend from Beijing gave me the name while I was studying abroad 20 years ago," said Istvan. "Wen in Chinese stands for culture, which is related to my work."

Istvan's company once held an exhibition about celebrated architect Laszlo Hudec in Shanghai.

Istvan's grandmother was impressed by the rapid development of Shanghai when the 92-year-old paid a visit. She said she wanted to stay. 

Istvan said he admired members of the Communist Party of China who are professional, hardworking and diligent. He said the Party had changed the lives of Chinese people.

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