City to replace more taxis with electric vehicles

Zhu Yuting
Shanghai is speeding up replacement of petrol taxis with those powered by electricity, the city's road transport bureau said today.
Zhu Yuting
City to replace more taxis with electric vehicles
Ti Gong

Shanghai is to speed up replacing petrol taxis with electric vehicles, the Shanghai Road Transport Bureau said on Friday.

The city has replaced more than 3,400 taxis this year already, taking the number of electric taxis over 9,000, or a quarter of the total fleet.

Taxi companies are also accelerating construction of taxi charging stations. They were among seven service improvements announced by the city's taxi industry and local authorities.

Shanghai will also strength the management of the cleanliness and appearance of taxis, and try to make improvements before the end of the June.

A credit management system of taxi drivers will be promoted to eradicate violations of the rules.

Online booking will be further improved to optimize the service functions of passengers and drivers by continuously raising the "response rate" of orders, and providing passengers with smart and convenient online booking services.

Shanghai will encourage cabbies to drive safely and politely, eliminate driving while tired, speeding and overtime which relate to potential safety hazards.

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