Delivery services a new threat in drugs war

Li Xinran
Yangpu District People's Procuratorate is monitoring delivery services as it cracks down on new methods of trafficking drugs between provinces and across borders.
Li Xinran

Drug trafficking using a variety of delivery services poses a new threat in the current war on drugs, according to the Yangpu District People's Procuratorate.

In addition to traditional methods, drugs are being sent by express delivery and via intelligent express cabinets, the procuratorate said on Tuesday.

The drugs involved appeared as "cigarettes," "beverage," "pills" and even "stamps," according to a press release ahead of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which is on June 26.

In some cases, the drugs involved were transported through many provinces or across borders. Names and contact information on the items were fake.

More and more college students and teenagers are being exposed to drugs and even getting involved in trafficking, the procuratorate said.

In view of the wide spread, strong concealment and serious consequences of such crimes, the procuratorate said it is cracking down on the crimes on the one hand, and actively participating in comprehensive social governance on the other to extend procuratorial functions and help to improve the overall effectiveness of drug control.

Prosecutors promote the monitoring of delivery services to plug loopholes. They analyze problems and hidden dangers in supervision in the delivery industry together with delivery companies, and study and formulate preventive measures.

Yangpu prosecutors are also working with the city's anti-narcotics association to educate students at universities, high schools and primary schools.

The aim is to explain the law, to spread knowledge of laws and regulations, the harmfulness of drugs, the types and forms of drugs, and the measures to prevent drug-related crimes.

Delivery services a new threat in drugs war
Ti Gong

Members of Yangpu District's procuratorate say it is promoting the monitoring of delivery services to plug loopholes.

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