Shanghai hospital achieves lung biopsy breakthrough

Cai Wenjun
The procedure enables a more precise and safer diagnosis, Shanghai Chest Hospital said in announcing its success.
Cai Wenjun

China's first robot-assisted, minimally invasive lung nodule biopsy has been successfully completed at Shanghai Chest Hospital. 

The procedure enables a more precise, timely and safer diagnosis, the hospital announced on Tuesday.

Dr Sun Jiayun led his team to undertake research into the robot-guided bronchoscope system. It supersedes the previous biopsy method involving a doctor holding the bronchoscope. 

Limited by space and angles, doctors found it difficult to examine patients with complicated conditions or nodules difficult to reach, potentially compromising the diagnosis. 

The robotic arm operated by a doctor can precisely reach any position to examine nodules and will improve the accuracy and success of a diagnosis, the hospital said.

Shanghai hospital achieves lung biopsy breakthrough
Ti Gong

A doctor at Shanghai Chest Hospital operates the robotic arm to do a biopsy.

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