Marine police sharpen life-saving skills with rescue drills

Chen Huizhi
Water rescue exercises using drones, charge boats and life buoys help Shanghai squads prepare for water emergencies.
Chen Huizhi

Summer is the perfect time for dipping into the water, but it's also a season when more lives are lost to the currents.

To better prepare its officers for saving people in water emergencies, the border, harbor and waterway police held a drill on a river in Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, on Tuesday.

Wearing their uniforms and life jackets, four officers swam 50 meters from the shoreline to drag a dummy 35 kilograms in weight back to land. In many circumstances, the officers would have to save people with no support equipment.

They also undertook drills with drones, charge boats and life buoys.

The officers who operated the drones flew them over the river to drop life buoys which inflated once in contact with water. The drones help save people who can't be approached by boats or swimming lifesavers.

For Shanghai police, the most common way to save people from water is to approach them in a boat and provide life buoys. This requires excellent skills in boat driving and buoy delivery, also part of the Tuesday drills.

Li Chaoyi, the police officer in charge of the exercises, said the drilled disciplines reflected the most frequent scenarios in water rescues.

"This will help our officers save people more quickly, effectively and safely," he said.

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