Disaster rescue experts from Zhoupu join Henan relief efforts

Li Qian
Group of 16 take rescue boats and underwater robot to work in rain-ravaged Zhengzhou.
Li Qian

A group of disaster-rescue experts from Shanghai have rushed to rain-ravaged Henan to aid its flood relief efforts.

The members of the All-Terrain Emergency Rescue Team, based in Zhoupu Town in the Pudong New Area, left early today at the request of Zhengzhou's flood control and drought relief headquarters and Zhengzhou's Condor Rescue Team in Henan's provincial capital.

A total of 16 people – 14 experts in water rescue and two medical workers – set off to the flood front with one underwater robot, five vehicles and seven rescue boats.

The private rescue team was set up in 2018, and was subsumed into Pudong's emergency management bureau in 2020. 

Most of members are retired SWAT officers and special forces soldiers. Last year, they took part in flood relief in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.

People can dial 021-68093307 if they need rescue help.

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