Police and Metro staff check typhoon flood safety at stations

Chen Huizhi
Precautions taken at elevated roads, properties in advance of typhoon In-Fa affecting city residents.
Chen Huizhi
Shot by Chen Huizhi. Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

Shanghai police held a flood precaution drill for Metro stations on Friday in advance of Typhoon In-Fa which is poised to hit the city this weekend.

The drill was held at Zhongshan Park Station on Metro Line 2 in partnership with Metro staff.

If water enters the station from the streets, the police officers and Metro staff will take flood-proof panels and bags to the affected entrance to keep the station as dry as possible.

The panels are 20 centimeters high and mountable, and sand and straw bags will be piled behind them to resist the flood water.

In case of extreme situations, the station has an inflatable kayak that can carry eight people at a time and transport them to safer places.

Shanghai Metro said earlier this week that passengers won't be allowed into stations if water enters and "seriously affects the operation of the service." If the tracks are fully immersed in water, the trains won't run.

Mobilized force

Shanghai police said all of its 50,000 officers will be on duty from Friday to serve residents during the coming typhoon.

On the city's elevated roads, traffic police have identified a dozen spots that are most vulnerable to floods and ensured that their drainage systems work well.

The marine police have been sending reminders about the typhoon to people on boats anchored in Shanghai waters to ensure they check their mooring cables. 

For people who have been staying in Shanghai for at least eight days, police have offered them instant noodles and mineral water to encourage them to stay on during typhoon days.

Outdoor billboards, glass facades of buildings and external units of air-conditioners which are considered to be dangerous to people in stormy rains will be temporarily cordoned off.

When the typhoon hits, the city's traffic police will deploy more officers to elevated roads, major bridges and tunnels, expressways and thoroughfares and get more tow trucks ready for rescue.

Emergency plans have been made for all underpasses in the city that are most vulnerable to floods, police said.

The Metro police said they will also offer help to homeless people during the typhoon.

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