It's raining hard out there in Shanghai!

Zhu Yuting
The typhoon is still hitting, but not as hard. Expect more rain and wind. But the authorities have downgrgraded the weather alert for the city. Metro resumes.
Zhu Yuting
It's raining hard out there in Shanghai!
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Amid Typhoon In-Fa, Shanghai's weather bureau this afternoon downgraded its weather warning to the lowest level – blue. 

The eye of this year's sixth typhoon – now categorized as just a severe tropical storm – is in Jiashan County in neighboring Zhejiang Province.

Winds in Shanghai hit more than 100 kilometers an hour, but the storm is moving northwest, the bureau said.

From 8am to 3pm today, Jinshanwei in Shanghai's Jinshan District recorded the heaviest rainfall – about 84.5 millimeters.

Strong winds and rain are forecast for the next two days.

The city's flood prevention office also downgraded its emergency response to the lowest level at 4pm today.

All Metro services, some of which were suspended due to the typhoon, have resumed normal operations from 6pm today.

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