City urges local communities to be children-friendly

Chen Huizhi
More services in local communities will be available to children in Shanghai in the next five years, the city government said.
Chen Huizhi

All communities in Shanghai have been tasked with becoming children-friendly by the end of 2025, the city government said on Tuesday.

More playgrounds and cultural elements will be available in local communities, and better medical and legal services will be provided to children at their doorstep, the government pledged in its new five-year plan to improve the welfare of women and children among residents.

Construction of public facilities should take children's needs into full account, it said.

All subdistricts and towns will establish a children's service center under children's service stations at the residents' committee level.

These centers and stations must be in a position to offer various services to children and their families, including health and psychological consultation, sports and cultural activities and legal services.

By the end of next year, all community health service centers should be able to offer pediatric services to children on common diseases as well as daily health consultation and rehabilitation, according to the city's health commission.

At both the city and district levels, institutions to protect children will be established to take care of the young ones with no guardians or those who have been hurt, the civil affairs administration said.

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