Zhangjiang compound, a haven for global innovation talent

Li Xinran
In the ever-changing Pudong New Area, Zhangjiang at present is rather a city of tomorrow than a science park as it was called.
Li Xinran

In the ever-changing Pudong New Area, Zhangjiang at present is rather a city of tomorrow than a science park as it was called. Not just endless work for scientists, entrepreneurs and all sorts of professionals here but a full and varied life waiting for them.

An open international community helps beach-goers of the time weave their dreams. Nes in Sunqiao is the answer to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship.

A residential compound mainly for rent, it will integrate all the elements of a smart neighborhood and welcome talents next month. Nes will be equipped with highly functional commercial facilities.

In addition to the traditional property management, fitness club, catering and laundry services, it also has a youth activity center as well as preschool education and innovation and entrepreneurship services available at the doorstep.

All the buildings here are connected through overpass, which is an effective way to enhance people-to-people-connectivity, making it an epitome of Zhangjiang – a cluster of talented people and technologies.

At the same time, the developer of the science city, Zhangjiang Group, has prepared 4,000 condominiums for rent to meet the demand of talents from around the world to launch their businesses here.

In addition, Pudong has established an intellectual property protection center to effectively promote the innovative development of key industries and advantageous enterprises.

The center that was put into use in February 2018 has also greatly improved the service level of intellectual property in Pudong, promoted the cultivation of high-value intellectual property and strengthened the comprehensive protection of IP.

Through the center's rapid patent examination channel, the application and authorization duration of invention patent, utility model patent and design patent has been greatly shortened, which helps innovators obtain patent authorization quickly, accelerates the pace of enterprise R&D and enhances the firms' market competitiveness.

The center has strengthened cooperation and linkage between administrative protection and judicial protection of IP rights, and enhanced ties with courts and procuratorates, which not only provides convenience for enterprises, reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of IPR protection, but also further improves the public's legal awareness about IPRs.

Moreover, the center works with the National Guidance Center for Handling Overseas IP Disputes and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to escort Pudong enterprises to participate in international competition.

Comfortable accommodation and legal protection is only part of the story. On Tuesday, a fintech dataport was established in Pudong. It is an important step for Pudong to build a demonstration area for urban digital transformation in Shanghai.

Taking advantage of Pudong's massive financial data and rich application scenarios, the dataport will focus on the six functions of payment, clearing, credit investigation, supervision, security and standards to accelerate the mining of data's financial value, improve the role of data assets in resource allocation, seize the high ground of the financial data industry, and build it into an international competitive and influential fintech dataport.

The dataport will build a practice area for financial digital transformation, a gathering area for financial data enterprises, a demonstration area for financial data scenario application, a pilot area for financial data innovation supervision and a pilot area for financial data standards to promote the two-way empowerment of finance and science and technology, and an integration of financial city and science city.

Zhangjiang compound, a haven for global innovation talent
Huang Riyue

A fintech dataport was established in the Pudong New Area on Tuesday.

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