TCM used to in battle against the COVID pandemic

Cai Wenjun
The Shenhuang granule has been used by a doctor of 30 years to fight the coronavirus.
Cai Wenjun

Chinese medical experts have developed a unique Chinese Traditional Medicine treatment for COVID-19, using the Shenhuang granule.

Dr Fang Bangjiang from the Longhua Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine led his team to develop the granule when the epidemic in early 2020.

He used his 30 years of clinical experiences in infection and intensive care.

The granule was used in several hospitals in Wuhan, the then epicenter of the pandemic, including Leishenshan Hospital, a makeshift hospital for coronavirus patients.

It was effective in preventing and controlling the development of patients' serious conditions and reducing mortality.

The study involved 111 serious or critical coronavirus patients from four hospitals in Wuhan. Fifty-seven patients were given Shenhuang granule along with Western medicine, while 54 patients only received Western treatment.

The mortality of the group only with Western medicine was 75.9 percent. The death rate in the group with both Western and traditional Chinese medicine was 38.6 percent.

The research was published by international journal Phytomedicine, one of the few scientific articles on TCM treatment for critical COVID-19 patients.

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