Safety measures beefed up in city in wake of virus outbreak

Hu Min
Shanghai's cultural and tourism authorities today called for a suspension of interprovincialgroup tours and airline tickets plus accommodation packages.
Hu Min

Shanghai's culture and tourism authorities today called for a suspension of interprovincial group tours and airline+accommodation packages following the Nanjing COVID-19 outbreak.

Relevant tour operations will only resume once there are no medium-risk regions in Shanghai, but group tours to medium-and-high-risk regions will remain suspended, according to a notice released by the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism today.

Currently, the Xinyuanxiyuan residential complex in Chuansha Town of the Pudong New Area has been under lockdown since 3pm on Monday after a resident there was confirmed with COVID-19. The complex was announced as a medium-risk region on Tuesday.

City tourism operators are prohibited from receiving tour groups from medium-and-high-risk regions as well.

Shanghai authorities have ordered stronger and stricter measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 after new locally transmitted cases were reported in many Chinese cities.

Cultural and tourist venues across the city will impose strict reservation, registration, temperature and health QR code checks, and control visitor numbers, the administration mandated. Authorities will step up inspections at cultural and tourist venues, including theaters, entertainment areas, hotels, Internet cafes and scenic spots.

Venues must ensure that visitors' information can be tracked via health QR codes, identity cards or reservations and registrations, the administration said.

Patrols at indoor venues will be stepped up to remind visitors to wear masks properly.

Those failing to apply epidemic control and prevention measures after being warned by authorities will be shut down, according to the administration.

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