Firefighters, doctors now work for each other in Minhang

Chen Huizhi
Firefighters and doctors in Minhang District have set up a new mechanism that will enable more exchanges between the two vital authorities and help them serve residents better.
Chen Huizhi
Firefighters, doctors now work for each other in Minhang
Ti Gong

The collaboration mechanism is launched on Wednesday under the auspices of the Minhang District firefighting and rescue squad and its health commission.

While hospitals become more confident in dealing with fire accidents, firefighters and rescuers will be more skilled in providing first aid to people in need. Such is the vision of a new inter-disciplinary mechanism launched in Minhang District on Tuesday.

The district's firefighting and rescue squad and health commission hope to strengthen each other's capacity and better serve residents through the coordination.

In the next two years, 23 firefighters and rescuers will moonlight as fire safety assistants at 29 hospitals in the district, while 13 doctors will serve at 13 local firefighting and rescue stations amid their daily work.

The firefighter assistants will revise fire safety prevention measures adopted by the hospitals and see to it that they are implemented. They will also organize across-the-board fire safety inspections and fire safety education for all hospital workers at least once every six months.

The firefighting station doctors will hold consultation sessions with the firefighters once every month and train the firefighters on first-aid skills once every six months. The doctors will also join the firefighters in demanding tasks like providing medical help at the scene of an accident.

Previously, the district firefighting and rescue squad cooperated with local schools in enhancing fire safety by having experienced firefighters appointed as school vice principals in charge of fire safety issues.

Hang Wenquan, director of Minhang's health commission, said they were inspired by that move and took the initiative to work with fire authorities under the new mechanism.

"Through this cooperation, we hope to distill the awareness of fire safety down to all sectors of medical institutions and improve the safety of both our patients and workers," he said.

Jiang Hao, director of the district firefighting and rescue squad, said the new mechanism was upgraded from the existing interactions between the two organizations that benefit each other.

"We hope to further break the walls between us and draft tailor-made fire safety management measures for hospitals and health management for our firefighters and rescuers," he said. "The doctors will help us enhance our skills in first aid and resuscitation of people."

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