Former vice mayor, police chief of Shanghai on trial for bribery

Chen Huizhi
Gong Dao'an allegedly took bribes of about 73 million yuan from the latter half of 1999 until July 2020 while serving on various police and government posts.
Chen Huizhi

Gong Dao'an, former vice mayor and police chief of Shanghai, has been accused of taking bribes of about 73 million yuan (US$11 million).

His first trial was held at the Intermediate People's Court in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, on Thursday.

Gong allegedly reaped illegal benefits from people in return for his services pertaining to business development, bidding, police cases and promotion in workplaces from the latter half of 1999 until July 2020.

Gong served in various police and government posts in Hubei Province, the Ministry of Public Security and Shanghai during the period.

Gong confessed and said in court that he regretted his wrongdoings.

The court said it will hand out a verdict in the first instance of his case later.

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