Free legal services 'at the doorstep' benefit residents

Chen Huizhi
The city's justice bureau has been leading the effort to introduce more quality, free legal services near where residents live.
Chen Huizhi

Thanks to active promotion, the city's free legal services have benefited more residents, the city's justice bureau has announced.

The free public services are now available to people by calling the 12348 hotline, consulting experts on or seeking face-to-face talks with law professionals on their doorsteps, the bureau said.

There are about 6,000 public legal service offices on residents' or villagers' committee levels, and 245 legal service stations at the subdistrict level. On the district level there is also a public legal service center.

Since April this year, residents have been able to make an appointment on the Internet to meet with experts who volunteer their time.

More than 8,400 people have used the service so far, while over 53,000 people sought the experts at their doorsteps in the first half of this year, the bureau said.

Meanwhile, the 12348 call center took over 410,000 calls in the first half of this year, and online consultation was provided to over 75,000 help seekers, according to the bureau.

In some districts, free legal services have also been introduced at office buildings and industrial parks.

Addressing the needs of the people, the bureau said it will provide more diversified legal services to people, including those related to specific property issues and commercial issues. So far, most expert-volunteers are specialized in civil affairs.

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