Top dancer gives lesson in aesthetics to students

Yang Jian
Celebrated art masters in Shanghai are invited to give lessons to primary and middle school students to enrich their extra-curriculum activities.
Yang Jian
Top dancer gives lesson in aesthetics to students
Ti Gong

Wang Jiajun, Shanghai Dance Theater's principle dancer, teaches young students.

Wang Jiajun, one of the most famous and talented young dancers in Shanghai, has depicted many figures including the prominent warlord Xiang Yu and revolutionary martyr Li Bai on stage.

But over the weekend he served as an elementary school teacher, inspiring young dancers and guiding their study amid the nation's double reduction policy.

The 36-year-old Shanghai Dance Theater's principle dancer gave a lesson to students of the Shanghai Primary School about his own growth and understanding of aesthetics.

"Sometimes, art can move us with no need of language," Wang told the second and third grades students.

It was one of a series of lessons initiated in Xuhui District to invite art masters to give lectures to students of the downtown elementary, middle and high schools.

The special lessons to be aired to more than 80,000 downtown students aims to enhance the aesthetic and humanistic quality of local youngsters, especially amid the nation's "double reduction" policy.

Earlier this year, China's Ministry of Education issued a set of "double reduction" policies to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring on students.

"Dancing can benefit the academic study of children by enhancing their endurance, focus and flexibility," Wang told students.

"I always hated the exercise training when I was young, but it was the foundation to ensure my best performance on stage, even though I would still feel nervous nowadays," Wang said.

He said persistence is the best quality he learnt from dancing but that the young students should also bear in mind quality.

The first batch of eight such lessons will be given at downtown elementary and middle schools through the end of the year.

Other renowned artists like pipa master Tang Liangxing and another celebrated dancing artist Huang Doudou will give lectures. Videos of the "masters' lessons" will be promoted across Xuhui schools.

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