Musical drama from South China pays tribute to city

Hu Min
Liuzhou performers' 'For Youth' production part of boost to culture and tourism ties with Shanghai.
Hu Min

A musical drama tour of Shanghai by performers from Liuzhou City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, will showcase intangible cultural heritages and boost cultural and tourism ties between the cities.

Authorities from Liuzhou kicked off the tour titled "For Youth" in Shanghai recently. The musical drama is based on Shanghai workers' assistance and dedication to the industrial construction of Liuzhou in the 1950s.

Its creation took three years and it will be staged in about 100 cities across China over more than a year.

Several tourist routes centering on Liuzhou's history and culture, and the industry and folk customs of ethnic minorities were released in Shanghai on Tuesday.

Items featuring Luizhou's famous bauhinia flower and showing Liuzhou's culture were also displayed at Shanghai Oriental Art Center, enabling local residents to savor the glamour of the destination.

Shanghai and Liuzhou are sister cities and their cultural and tourism resources are complementary, said Chen Qiwei, deputy Party secretary and general manager of Shanghai United Media Group.

Liuzhou's culture and art industry has been developing prosperously and it is expected that the two cities' cultural and tourism cooperation and exchange will reach a new high, said Chen.

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