Big projects in full swing to transform ancient Jinze Town

Hu Min
Building of science & tech and R&D centers are underway, and a community cultural complex and inter-city rail link are planned.
Hu Min
Big projects in full swing to transform ancient Jinze Town
Ti Gong

Lianhu Village of Jinze Town

Big projects in full swing to transform ancient Jinze Town
Ti Gong

Lianhu Village

Qingpu District is moving into the fast lane with local authorities unveiling a schedule and plans for a number of big projects on Thursday as the opening of the west extension of Metro Line 17 looms in 2023.

Construction of the Xicen Science and Technology Center is in full swing and the planning of its nearby transport system and support facilities has been worked out and is proceeding smoothly, Jinze Town authorities said.

"The center will significantly boost the area's economic development and fuel its overall growth," said Lu Huiming, deputy director of Jinze Town.

The Huawei Research and Development Center, a key project of Xicen Science and Technology Center, broke ground in September last year.

Covering more than 2,400 mu (160 hectares) of land, the underground structure of the center will be completed by year end.

In April, sealing of the center's roof will be done and the whole project is scheduled to be completed and start operating in early 2024.

Construction of the west extension of Metro Line 17 from Oriental Land Station to Xicen Station in Jinze has started and expansion of the G50 Expressway is scheduled to be completed in 2025.

Big projects in full swing to transform ancient Jinze Town
Ti Gong

A peaceful vista of Jinze Town.

Construction of the Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiaxing inter-city railway will start in the first half of next year and the whole project is expected to take five years.

"These fast lanes will deliver strong support to Xicen Science and Technology Center's development and transportation services," said Lu.

The center will also boast a community cultural activity complex, an activity center for youngsters, a health service center, schools, senior care, sports, lifestyle and commercial facilities.

"It will become a complex community, combining science and technology research and development, commercial services and community life," said Lu.

Located at the core of the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone, Jinze is an ancient town with a history of 1,300 years. It has 19 lakes and seven ancient bridges.

Ecological sightseeing corridors along the Taipu River are being created with restoration projects underway, and high-end minsu (Chinese versions of B&B) with 3,000 beds are planned around Qingxi Countryside Park over the next three years to boost regional tourism and economic development.

A world-class convention center will be built in the Shanghai Daguanyuan (Grandview Garden) area, capitalizing on its beautiful forest environment.

A polder field area evoking the style of Shanghai's rural areas and the watertown features of Jiangnan (south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) has been completed in the Xinchi Village of Jinze Town.

Covering 810 mu (54 hectares), the field, surrounded by dikes and with new ecological landscapes, maintains the original forests, farmlands, rivers and villages. Through protection and planting, a natural resource repository is formed.

Ecological tourism will be further developed in Jinze, blending sightseeing, farming experiences and education, local authorities said.

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