Sci-tech companies forge global advances in maritime, health fields

Li Xinran
The Shanghai-based units have developed a new maritime support system and new age medical MRI machine.
Li Xinran
Sci-tech companies forge global advances in maritime, health fields
Ti Gong

Workers brave the summer heat to carry out equipment commissioning.

Two sci-tech units based in Shanghai have achieved major breakthroughs in fields where they are playing leading global roles, according to the city's science and technology authority.

A taskforce of Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute has tested and developed a new-generation maritime support system that is being used internationally.

And Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co has developed for extensive application China's first 3.0T high field magnetic resonance machine.

The maritime system was developed through four stages, involving technical research, principle prototype development, scientific research prototype development and ship-loading equipment verification. During the process, core technologies such as design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing were fully completed.

The overall performance of the new system has reached advanced levels internationally, making China one of the few countries that has independently developed this special support equipment system.

It plays an important role for Chinese ships plying international waters.

The taskforce provides "first-class electromechanical equipment for ships," leads the new direction of ocean support equipment construction, and constantly undertakes technical upgrading and professional expansion.

It has achieved major breakthroughs in the exploration of cutting-edge technologies of heavy equipment, deep-sea resource exploration, submarine deployment and recovery systems.

Overall it has improved the technical level of China's shipbuilding and offshore engineering support industries, and provides important support for China's deep-sea resource exploration and utilization.

Sci-tech companies forge global advances in maritime, health fields
Ti Gong

The United Imaging 3.0T MRI has been put into use in the hospital.

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co has been recognized for its "independent development and industrialization" of high field magnetic resonance medical imaging equipment by winning first prize in the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award 2020.

The company broke through a series of core key technologies – spectrometer, RF power amplifier, gradient power amplifier, gradient coil, RF transmitting coil and superconducting magnet – to develop, manufacture and supply China's first 3.0T high field magnetic resonance machine.

China has become the third country to independently research and develop all core components of high field magnetic resonance.

The product has achieved large-scale manufacture and clinical application, and cultivated and constructed a complete production, manufacturing and supply chain system.

United Imaging products have been recognized by a number of top-tier hospitals in China, and adopted by nearly 1,000 hospitals throughout the country.

In addition, United Imaging exports MRI machines to the United States and European countries, among others, and is expected to break the monopoly held in the sector by multinational companies over the past three decades.

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