City ramps up health-care knowledge with a weeklong program

Cai Wenjun
36 public hospitals are involved in livestreaming of disease prevention and control and online lectures on hot health topics.
Cai Wenjun

Shanghai Hospital Development Center has teamed up with 36 leading public hospitals to launch a weeklong health education program from Thursday.

It will include livestream on disease prevention and control, online lectures on "hot" health topics and immersive online hospital experiences.

Leading medical experts will also offer consultations on topics like COVID-19 vaccination for minors and children, eye disease prevention and control, stroke identification, lung nodule solutions and diets for diabetics.

Educational videos will also be broadcast to promote health knowledge and tips on health care.

The city is building an intelligent health service system to streamline medical processes and improve convenience for patients.

During the weeklong program, people can learn about latest medical achievements, COVID-19 prevention and control measures and patient-centered intelligent services, officials said.

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