Police mobility on the Bund boosted by scooters

Chen Huizhi
Police officers patrolling the Bund now ride self-balancing scooters which help them reach out to help citizens more quickly.
Chen Huizhi
Shot by Chen Huizhi. Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

Police officers who patrol the North Bund maintaining public safety are now equipped with six versatile self-balancing scooters.

The new scooters, which run on electricity, can be driven up to 80 kilometers with 60 kilograms of weight on them. The vehicles are 1 meter in height and weigh 45 kilograms.

Each scooter has a small storage box which contains public satefy brochures, bandages and medicines, such as heatstroke relief balm, for police officers to help people in need.

It also has a loudspeaker that reminds visitors to mind their safety when strolling the Bund.

Wu Jimin, a police officer of the Bund Waterfront Police Station, who is a part of the Bund patrol team, said the scooters greatly facilitate their work.

"Previously, we patrolled either on foot or in police cars, but there are certain spots on the Bund which are not accessible by cars or can't be reached quickly on foot," he said. "The scooters are a new alternative that helps us work more efficiently."

For now, the scooters will be used in patrolling the 2.5-kilometer waterfront area of the North Bund which was opened to the public in October.

Later, more such scooters will be used at the Shidongkou and Baoyang Road ferry terminals, police said.

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