Shanghai announces vaccination plans for children in the 3-5 age group

Yang Meiping
Shanghai will begin vaccinating children between the ages of 3-5 years. Parents or guardians will have to make reservations as most of them are likely to be in kindergartens.
Yang Meiping

Shanghai's leadership office for COVID-19 prevention and control on Wednesday announced vaccination plans for children between the ages of 3-5 years old.

Children in this age group are mainly kindergarten students, and parents or guardians will have to make reservations on their behalf.

Reservations can be made on Shanghai's health cloud app Jiankangyun, or the city's public service platform Suishenban from Thursday. When logging on to the apps, users can check all the vaccination sites and choose one that is convenient for them.

Vaccines currently available in the city are developed by Beijing Bio-Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd and Sinovac Biotech. All of them need two shots for fundamental immunity that is given with an interval of three to eight weeks.

Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians, who must bring their ID cards or hukoubu (book of registered permanent residency) as well as their vaccination certificates. They have to produce the bar codes they received when booking the vaccination reservation and sign an informed consent form before inoculation.

They will have to undergo a 30-minute medical observation before leaving the vaccination site.

A light and healthy diet is suggested after inoculation.

Children who are sick or have taken other vaccines recently should postpone their vaccination against COVID-19.

Residents can call 12320, the city's health care hotline for further details.

Vaccination plans for children of this age group from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries will be announced later, the government said.

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