Changning sets up social workstations to help minors

Zhu Yuting
Shanghai's first family education guidance model was jointly launched by relevant authorities in Changning District, which will set up 185 care stations for minors.
Zhu Yuting

Three different kinds of social workstations will be available for minors in Changning District if they are in need of help, including from abuse, or care, district authorities said on Tuesday.

Shanghai's first family education guidance model was launched on Friday by relevant authorities in Changning.

A total of 185 care stations will be set up for children – including expatriates – across the district's residential communities while the civil affairs bureau will form juvenile protection offices and observation sites in all the towns and subdistricts. Procurators will also take part in the workstations by providing legal help and supervision.

For families that have difficulties in providing enough education and care for kids, supportive guidance will be carried out according to their actual need.

Families can choose communicating skills training among parents and kids or relationship rebuilding courses while impoverished families can gain financial support.

Social workers and procurators will pay more attention to children in single-parent families, divorced families, or families with inmates, as well as those who have been abused or violated, or have criminal experience.

Especially when children are found being violated or abused, procurators will quickly call police, assess the degree of injury and use social workers to provide help. They will later supervise the rescue process, and make sure the children get essential care and help.

About 90 percent of delinquent juveniles in Changning come from families without Shanghai hukou, or permanent residence.

Among them, almost 80 percent children neither have an effective guardian nor get enough care in the family, according to a white paper on juvenile prosecution work released by the district's procurators in June.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the juvenile protection system in Shanghai.

Changning was the first district in the city to start juvenile protection work in 1986, according to procurators.

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